CNNgo - Coffee Shop - 120530 - by Julen Esteban-Pretel - 009CNN

November 2012

The Irukaya coffee shop has a rigid code of conduct and you only get one shot.

I blew mine just by dialing the number.

Owner Hiroshi Kiyota keeps a blog on which he describes the kinds of people that will never set foot inside his reservation-only shop.

I’d read the website and studied the rules: no photos, even of the facade; no groups larger than two; order at least one drink per hour; no talking to Kiyota while he’s making coffee; no smoking; no mobile phones.

I could go on. The website does.

But I’d forgotten one: Don’t call outside business hours. It was 1:40 p.m. Irukaya wouldn’t open for another 20 minutes.


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(Photo: Julen Esteban-Pretel)